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Global Experience

     USTIC works with American and foreign companies, providing them with international business, marketing and government relations expertise, to secure sales and project contracts in specific countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and the former Soviet Union.

     Projects in which USTIC principals have been or are currently involved include mass transportation systems, power generating plants, environmental pollution control programs, telecommunications and computerized on-line systems. USTIC has worked successfully for companies that manufacture automated fingerprint identification systems, telephone network equipment, mobile television production, satellite uplink and cellular telephone systems, medical diagnostic products, pharmaceuticals, computers and peripherals, power utility instruments, transportation equipment, furniture and diverse consumer products and commodities.

     USTIC works with American and foreign investors on investment opportunities in the United States and other countries. USTIC successfully completed the acquisition of an American automotive parts company by a foreign investor and has structured joint ventures between U.S. and foreign companies. Currently with local investors, USTIC's establishing vehicle manufacturing facilities in developing countries.

     USTIC's ability to work effectively for its clients is enhanced by the company's close working relationships with major trade associations and bilateral business councils, many of which were created by USTIC's founder. USTIC principals also offer clients their comprehensive familiarity with U.S. government and multilateral agencies responsible for international trade and investment issues and programs.

     Finally, USTIC is experienced in assisting clients to secure financing from U.S. and international financial institutions, both in Washington, D.C. and other world capitals.